Sunday, 18 January 2015


Assalamualaikum. It has been 1 year i didnt share anything on this blog. Well im so busy as im now a final year student in MBBS and i have stopped myself from any vacations because i have my future planning. Dont worry, now i have come back eventhough i have many thing to be settled. Last 2 months i had visited Rajashtan and Taj Mahal. This is probably my last travel in India before im going back home for good. I hope you are still remember that i had visited Taj Mahal 4 years ago when i was in my first year MBBS. Thus this is my second time visiting the most beutiful white marble building on earth. Im glad to say that the Taj Mahal is still beautiful as 4 years back when my eyes saw it for the first time. So, visiting the Taj Mahal has never been dissappointing me no matter how many time.

Actually, this trip is exclusively for Rajashtan but since my friends have never been visiting the Taj Mahal, so i have to include the Agra in my plan. Plus, we landed in Delhi, we have only 2 options either to visit Rajashtan directly because it just bordered with Haryana province(Delhi) or taking 1 day trip to Taj Mahal before heading to Jaipur. We took the second option. I think the timing is preety good because we went there on Dewali Festival. So the city should be more livable on this festival where the local people will be decorating their house/building with lights and playing firecrackers all the night. 

Although we got 8 days official break from our college but we only spend 5 days for this trip which will cover all 4 cities including Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur. The timing is so short just 1 day trip in Mumbai, Agra and Jaipur. Luckily we planned to stay in Udaipur for 2 days. I could remember that we were so rushing from each place because the journey is only 1 day trip and we have to visit so many thing within that day. I admit that this trip is so tired and challenging. However im so grateful the journey was running well as it is been planned despite lots of difficulties cames to us during this trip especially in Delhi. I will tell later what had happened to us in Delhi. It was a very bad experience for me and i will remember it for my entire life. 

Taj Mahal Hotel
Mumbai or Bombay, is the largest city in India. Both of the name is quite confusing but most of the Indian are still used Bombay, the older name instead of Mumbai. When i was in Udaipur, all the people over there called that city as Bombay eventhough i tell them that i wanna go to Mumbai. Indeed, this is my 5th visit to Mumbai and im so familiar with this city. As the distance from our place (Belgaum) is so far from Taj Mahal approximately 2000km away, thats why we have to take a flight from the nearest airport. Bare in your mind that the price of a flight ticket is different with every airport and during that time Mumbai is the cheapest one, and so we have started our journey in Mumbai.

We took VRL ac sleeper bus from Belgavi to Mumbai which cost us a bit more expensive than usual but seriously the bus is damm good and well equipped with TV, charger plug and comfortable bed but the sound speaker is just located above our head and its so noisy when watching the TV. Its quite funny that time i used to watch "Aashique 2" for almost 3 hours and that movie is so good. All the songs in that movie are so beutiful and suddenly i deeply felt in love with Bollywood. These are my favorite songs in Ashique 2-Tum hi hoo, meri ashique, chahun main yana, sunn raha hai, aasan nahin yahaan, milne hai mujse ayie. Believe me if u guys make an attempt to hear to those songs i bet u will fall in love with Hindi songs. Not only the lyrics is good but the meaning is so deep!


In Mumbai we didnt stay in hotel but we spent the whole day in Colabar and Shopping Mall before we fly to Delhi at that night. Taking the picture in front of Gate of India, VT station and Mumbai Court is so worthful because these monuments are the most beautiful building in Mumbai which had been built during the British era. Dont forget the Taj Mahal Hotel which is located just behind the Gate of India. Taj Mahal Hotel is so beautiful and it did impressed me a lot! It is sad to know that several years back this hotel was bombed in a series of terrorist attack and one of the Bollywood actor such as Sanjay Dutt was involved. Since then he did not appear in any Hindi movie till now. 

Mumbai Court

UNESCO world herritae-Victoria Terminus Train Station

I feel so comfortable to use taxi in Mumbai because most of them are using the paid-meter, so we will not easily being cheated. On the evening we went to Phenix Mall, just 5 km from Chittrapatti Shivaji Airport and had some foods and bought male kurtha. We already planned to wear kurtha in Taj Mahal so that we will look more different in Indian traditional dress and definitely more handsom. The most important is we can appreciate the ascent of Bollywood.  On the way to domestic airport we got a very friendly taxi driver. He can speak arabic a little bit because he had been working in Saudi Arabia some years ago. As the traffic is so bad, slow and stressful, we talked so many topics from a simple personal things to prime minister of India, Nerendra Modi. Anyway that uncle (already forgot the name) is awesome. As soon as we arrived at the aiport, we got to know that the flight was delayed for 1 hour. This is quite devastating and not really shocking for me because most of indian airlines are easily delayed.

I dont know whether i need to tell or not about this. Hurmm.. in the airport we try to find a room to pray but there is no prayer room. Initially we want to pray in an open area which is close to the public but one of the airport stuff (security) suggested us a room. He said that before this he saw most of the muslims use that room to pray. When i entered that room i felt something wrong. Its not a room actually but just a closed place on the way to restricted security room just separated by a door. There is a signboard just above the door stated that "This section is Strictly probihited, dont enter!" 

As the airport staff told us to pray there, thus we perform the solat without feeling any doubt. Suddenly at the middle of prayer the police came and opened the door. I could heard many footsteps were coming  and they were waiting outside the room until we had finished our prayer. My heart beats very fast and i felt so afraid. I was thinking that they were suspected us to do something bad like bombing and i pray in my heart so that Allah will protect us and avoid any misunderstanding with them. Lastly after we had finished our solat, the police asked why did we pray there and we had explained to them. He told us this is a restricted room and no people can enter without permission. After we came out from that room all the waiters in a nearby restaurant were looking at us with full of suspiciousness. Luckily not so many people over there and most of the people are gathered at the food court in upper floor. Btw i was so disappointed with the airport staff that show us this room. Perhaps he had a bad intension so that there will be a bad thing happen to us. This is so shameful!

Gate of India
Since 4 years in India i have been flied with Kingfisher, SpiceJet and now AirIndia. All those 3 kind of flights are almost the same except AirIndia because the service is slightly better even it was delayed for 1 hour. We reached at Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi a bit late (1.15 am) and our bus to Agra is at 2.00 am. Initially we tried to book the train by using makemytrip but it didnt work. Only 1 week before the travel we went to the Belgaum railways station and unfortunately the train ticket was sold out. Thus we took a bus to Agra. We know that this trip is so rushing and the time is so precious, i must reach Agra before 7 am. Despite of a comfortable AC express bus which only departed at 8 am, i took a more uncomfortable one because that bus will depart at 2 am. So, i will be in Agra at 6 am but what we planned was slightly deviated. 

When we went to the bust station, the bus is so bad, very old, the seats were so uncomfortable and the local passengers was like a gangster. They knew that we are the foreigner, repeatedly they turn back and look at us cautiously. I was so afraid if they come and take our money and kill us, so before any bad things happen we got out from the bus immediately and took an auto to the airport. But the things is going to be like "keluar kandang buaya, masuk kandang harimau". Why?? Our auto driver is so weird. He switch on the radio with the highest volume until we unable to hear our conversation and in between he had stopped at 3 places. Omg! The most scary experience. I thought he want to rob us but Alhamdulillah finally nothing bad happen to us and we could reach the airport safely.

At the airport we rent a car which costed us rs6500 even after bargain. It was 4.30am when we started our journey to Agra by car through Yamuna Highway. I think Yamuna highway is the best highway in India with comfortable 4 lines paving road and during that time only few cars were passing through, thus we could reach Agra as early as 7.30 am. In Agra, the driver was started to show his particular local behavior where he told us to pay another 300 rupees in addition with the price that we had agreed. We were so angry and we did not give him additional money for that.

Roof Top Restaurant of Kamal Hotel

All my hotels was booked online at This website is quite useful because we can select the hotel based on price, location, rating and we can cancel the booking without any charge at least 24 hours before the booked date. But you have to be careful because if you choose a budget hotel, the condition of a hotel might not be the same as the picture shown on its page! I took Kamal Hotel as it is located just 500 meter from the South Gate of Taj Mahal and the most interesting is it has a roof top restaurant in which you can see the Taj Mahal from there only. This hotel is quite cheap for a double room just priced us at Rs1200. So this is reasonably affordable for student budget or backpackers.

The receptionist is so good. He can speak English fluently and so informative. He also can detect the pain through our face. Im still remember he said that, "i can see most of the visitors that come from Delhi when they arrived here, their face look upset and cannot talk. I know they must have a bad experience in Delhi or being cheated". I just smile when he said like that because he can understand our feeling. He thought that we are Indian came from Assam, a place close to Myanmar because of our face is look alike the people over there. Haha that is so funny! Anyway i felt so relieved we could landed our body on the bed after facing a nightmare in Delhi. After taking a bath and had a breakfast, we didnt miss a chance to take some pictures from the roof top of Kamal Hotel with an increadible scenary of the Taj Mahal. From there, i felt like the Taj Mahal is just in front of my eyes, in fact it was located 1 km aways from me. What a wonderful view i had!

Around 10.30 am we enter the Taj Mahal through the South Gate by walking from our hotel. There were so many souviner's shops just in front of the Gate but you have to be smart in negotiating the price with them. Sometimes i got 5 times cheaper than the actual price for fridge magnet and other things. The entry fees is about Rs750 for foreigner and Rs20 for the local, but you will get a bottle of mineral water and a foot cover each person. The visitors cannot bring the restricted items into the Taj Mahal such as tripod, foods, knife etc even my monopod. Those items should be keep in a provided locker.

Main Gate of Taj Mahal

We took a tourist guard, which is always available just in front of the Gate. Usually the tourist guard will ask you only Rs250 for a group but i gave him more than that becase he is so good. He can explain everything not only about each parts of the monument but also the story of Shah Jahan, his wife-Mumtaz Mahal and the people during Mughal Empire. In addition to that, he also able to snap a picture excellently. 

Taj Mahal-one of 7 wonders of the world
Reflection pool

Peitra Dura

As u leave the gate you will see the taj mahal becomes closer to you and you will take the taj into yr heart. The story begin after the dead of his wife, Mumtaz-his childhood lover. Shah Jahan started to built Taj Mahal 6 months later as his wife had requested him to built the most beautiful building on earth for her when she was still alive. Actually taj mahal is constructed base on the different structures taken from nearby monuments that have been built by his ancestor. The minarets, dome, wall etc from his father's n grand/greatgrandfather building was combined together in perfect harmony, thus producing Taj Mahal. 

The construction took 16 years to finish by using 20000 workers and it was so costly. Later on Shah Jahan wants to built another one, the black taj mahal just opposite to the existed taj mahal, which is separated by Yamuna river. Because he had wasted lots of money on constructing the previous taj mahal then his son had imprisoned him in Agra fort and the new  mega project was cancelled. From Agra Fort, he always seeing the taj mahal from a small holed wall until his last breath. Then he was burried beside his lover's tomb inside the taj mahal. Till now Taj Mahal has attracted so many visitors not only because of its impressive monument but it leaves a legacy of immortal-that is LOVE! What a romantic story that i have ever heard.

View from the mosque

At the edge of Yamuna River

Souvenir shop

After visiting the Taj Mahal, we bought some souvenirs at the nearby shops. Then we came back to the hotel shortly for prayer before going to Agra Forth. It was located just 3 km from our hotel. This place is another attraction in Agra after Taj Mahal but there are many other monument around the Agra city rather than these two such as Fatehpursikkri Palace. As the time is our limitation so we could only visiting Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. 

Agra Fort or Red Fort

If im not mistaken the entry fee to Agra Fort for foreigner is around Rs300. Well, this fort is so big with the tall red-brick wall surrounding the palace inside. The palace is quite amazing. I think the Mughal architecture is so beautiful. By looking from outside only it has attracted me so much and when we enter into the fort the monuments are awesome and well-preserved till now. I dont know why we did not taking any tourist guard here but i think it is a waste of time because without tourist guard you cannot understand all part of the monunent.

Agra Palace inside the Fort

From a window of the Fort

This is how the Taj Mahal looks from the Fort

Interior structure of the palace inside the Agra Fort

About 1 and half hour later we came out from Agra fort and return to the hotel. Our next destination is Jaipur. Jaipur is the capital of Rajashtan. Historically this city is known as the Pink City of India because most of the building was painted with the reddish-pink colour during the rule of one of the Jaipur King as a gift to welcoming the British Royal who came for diplomatic visit. Since then all the building were painted as such including the city palace.

The journey from Agra to Jaipur is only 3-4 hours by bus through the Rajashtan highway. The bus is quite disappointed because it is so noisy and bumping like riding a horse. Around 12.15 am we arrived in Jaipur and check in the hotel- Rawla Mrignayani Palace Hotel. This hotel just located 1.5 km from the famous Hawa Mahal and Janta Mantar in Old City. We got a warm welcome by the owner where they put the flowers on our shoulder (typical yelloish colour flower that we seen most of indian use to honour the guest) before we enter the bedroom and while we were climbing the floor, one of them throwed pieces of roses flower from upper balcony to welcoming us. I was quite shocked suddenly the petals of roses felt down on my way and this is definitely so cool!


Thanks God we can sleep properly at that night and it was so tired till we woke up a bit late in the morning. Around 9 am we get ready and had a breakfast at the nearby restaurant. Then we go to the Hawa Mahal only by walking. On the way i saw that the city is quite old with reddish-pink building besides the road, most of the shops did not open yet, the traffic was so hectic and crowded and there were many poor people in the Old City such as beggar and homeless. The muslims and hindus lived harmonily in this city. Their women, either hindu or muslim put the saree on their head. It is their tradition since long time ago. Actually this city is full of culture and tradition. I can see some puppet show or snake show just beside the streets. This is so interesting, you may not seeing this in any part of India or the rest of the world where the people play the flute with a snake.

Hawa Mahal is located just beside the main street in Jaipur Old City. It has no gate and directly exposed to the public. Thus it is quite difficult to snap a picture in front of this monument and you will not getting a full picture until you stay at the opposite side of the road. I dont have camera and only use my phone (Samsung Note 3), so i cant snap the photo properly-cannot zoom in! This tall building (5-6 floors) is so unique because it has many window/balcony. It is believed that these balcony were used by the queens/maharani to see the people on the street. It is the rule of Jaipur Palace that the public/people cannot see the queens and was probihited to do so. Some Jaipur King has many wifes, the highest one is up to 10 wifes (if im not mistaken).


Inside the palace
This doors has it meaning which denote to each season-summer, spring, cold and monsoon


This is Janta Mantar, a special place built by one of Jaipur Kings to study about stars and horoscopes. Our tour guide claimed that there is a king where he love so much to study about the space and thats why he built Janta Mantar for him. He always spending most of his leisure time to learn about stars, calendar and anything associated with space. If u are a student dont forget to bring your student card because in some places they will give you 50% discount for entry ticket. Luckily the ticket seller thinks that i was an Indian and thus i only got to pay Rs15 for Janta Mantar. My advice is you must take a tour guide if you are interested to know about Janta Mantar. I think this place is quite interesting but i dont know why we did not pick up any tour guide. Then we dont understand anything here. Just take a photo and after feeling so boring we left that place immediately. Haha!

The name Jaipur was derived from the king's name, Jai Singh who had open this city 500 years ago. The term "pur" means a city or town. Jaipur City Palace is located just few meters away from Hawa Mahal, we walked through a hectic steet to the main gate of the palace. I already forgotten how much is the fees to enter the palace but i think it was only Rs400 but if u want to enter the private part known as King and Queen Chamber, u must pay another Rs2000-3000. Just behind the palace is Jantar Mantar. You need to pay some 200 rupees to enter this complex but dont worry, you can buy a composite ticket where it will cost you cheaper than ala-de-carte.

For me, City Palace is so impressive with its beautiful pinkish colour buildings, the carving on the wall is so amazing and the painting is still preserve till now because they use the natural colours extracted from vegetables and others natural resources. We took a tourist guard and i was satisfied as his explaination is good. We can know many things about the palace, the life of each King, and also can ask him to take our picture. There was a king (forget the name) is so fat, weight about 300-500kg, ate almost 10-20 kg foods a day and he died at the age of 40 because of heart problem. In the galery you can see the size of his dress. Dont get surprized because his dress is so so big, seems like 10 times of my dress. But there is also the thinnest king (forget the name) and i think this king is responsible to change the city into the pink city.

On the evening we went to Amber Fort. The other name for this place is Amer For. We reached this place quite late, around 4.30 pm and it will be closed at 5.30 pm. It is due to we got a lunch at KFC until we forget the time is so precious. Nevertheless, this is 1 day trip in Jaipur, thus we have to at least visiting 50% of the fort. As soon as we reached there, directly we took a tour guide. This tour guide is a muslim and he is so infornative eventhough he looks old but he can tell us many story. We were so appreciated when he tried to begging for the discount for entry ticket and we only need to pay rs100 after showing our student cards. I know that he want to bring us up to the wall on the hill, behind the fort but it was closed. Thus we only able to finish the palace part and sadly we cannot cover so many things.

Inside Amber Fort-The Palace!

We missed a chance to ride an elephant at the Amber Fort. It was so late when we arrived there and all the elephants were not there. This is really devastating because i already plan to ride the elephant here but my tour guide told that he can bring us to a nearby village and ride the elephant. So we were agreed with him and eventually we went to the nearby village and riding the elephant there. I think the price for elephant ride at Amber Fort is about rs950 but we got a bit cheaper in the village. The elephants owner is so excited to know that we are Malaysian. He said Malaysia is a good country and it people is kind and humble. His brother also worked in Malaysia- I think in Sarawak. Thanks to all the visitors from Malaysia because you guys gave a good name/perception to the people over here about our beloved country.

Garden with Islamic architechture

PRIVATE HALL-also called as a Paradise

Some of its internal sturucture

The wall was carved and implanted by the mirrors imported from Belgium
After that, we return to the hotel and get ready for the next adventure that is UDAIPUR. We took a bas to Udaipur which is almost 8 hours journey. 

Midway of these 2 city there is a famous muslim city known as Ajmer. Most of the local people said that Ajmer is the muslim holiest city in India. I dont really know the reason behind it but i think may be Ajmer was densely populated my muslims in Rajashtan and there is a famous mosque at the middle of the city in which previously there have been so many ulamak or imam came to deliver islamic knowledge. There is a beautiful place slightly northen to Ajmer known as Pushkar, a city which surrounding the lake. 

Just 150 km from Udaipur is a famous fort known as Chittorgardh. Chittorgarh For is the largest fort in India and the grandest in the state of Rajasthan. It is a World Heritage Site. The fort, plainly known as Chittor, was the capital of Mewar and is today situated in Chittorgarh City. On the way to Udaipur we passed through Chittorgardh but we did not stop here because we didnt have enough time. 

Minerva Hotel (Roof Top)
Minerva hotel is so beautiful, well-maintained with a breathtaking roof top restaurant. I think this hotel is reserved for the Jew. There are a lots of Jews accommodating in this hotel. Even the owner(Indian) can speak Hebrew. The pamphlets at the reception table was printed in Hebrew, and so with the advertisement at the wall of the hotel. When i was waiting my room at the roof top restaurant, i saw a cupboard loaded with Hebrew's book located at a corner of the restaurant. When i want to have a breakfast, the menu also consist of Indian and Israel foods. I also had some conversation with Israeli people. Her name is Hannah. We talked many things about the travel and herself. Currently she worked in Belgium as an English teacher. I tried to avoid any sensitive questions because we know the truth about Israel. She looks so open-minded and did not have any judgement to me and my friends after she knew that we are Muslim. Btw she was so happy to meet us and enjoy the conversation. The funny things is she asked us what is the meaning of our name and suddenly she was impressed as the meaning is the same as in Hebrew.

Udaipur is the most wanted destination in this trip. The very first time i saw this place was through a Hindi movie, "yeh jawani hei dewani". But in that movie the shooting was done in the most expensive hotel, Oberoi Udaivilas and from there the scenary is so beautiful. After watching that movie i deeply fall in love with Udaipur and planning to go there before i finished my study. Udaipur is the city that i was waiting for and dreaming to come. Thus i was so happy when i stepped my foot in this city.

We stayed in Minerva Hotel. This hotel is located at the edge of Pichola Lake but not very close to Udaipur City Palace. We have to walk from the hotel, passing through the Jagadish Temple and just 100 meters from it is the Main Gate of the palace. We were so lucky because we obtained a student price for entry ticket to the palace which only cost us for Rs50 each. This is so cheap! But we need to pay another rs200 for the camera. The camera was strictly prohibited in the palace unless you pay for the permission and you must put a tag on your camera then only you can use your camera freely in city palace.

Udaipur City Palace

I was so disappointed with our tourist guide in Udaipur Palace because he was unable to explain thoroughly the structures of the palace and also the history of Udaipur, its king and queen. At first he put a bit more expensive price but after bargaining we got rs300 for tourist guide. Seriously his service is bad and so rushing.


First time i saw this palace through a hindi movie, yeh jawane hei deewani, it looks so beautiful. Im so eager to witness the uniqeness of its architechture but when i went there the interior designs is still unable to impress me. Plus we got a "wrong tourist guard". After i had visiting 3 cities i think Mughal's architecture is far more adorable bcause of its splendour and tiny work. Then I just want to share some tips on how to choose a good tourist guard. 

  1. He must be an elderly because the olders knows better than the youngers and they re more sincere to tell u all the story and their explanation is so impressive.
  2. He must be so informative and know everything regarding the monument/palace not only the structure but the story behind it-the life of king and queen.
  3. There is no language barrier because they can speak English fluently
  4. The price-most of the time we got rs200-250 only for 1 tourist guard. He also has a name card and certification from government. 
  5. Not so rushing. He will bring u from part by part of the monument and shall wait for sometime for u to take a picture.
  6. You are so lucky if he is able to snap a picture properly. So u can just ask him to take yr group's picture.

Lastly, make sure u can be a good listener! Just listen and 'feel' the story so that u can appreciate better. The most important is u can tell the other people the same story through by using your picture. Remember that, a picture has a thousand meaning. 

Inside the palace
Udaipur Palace is the HEART of this city

Typical arch of the balcony or window in Udaipur

City Palace view from PICHOLA LAKE

For the boat riding, there are two types of boat- the more expansive one is usually for foreigner or a middle to upper class people which will cost you Rs650 per person (can accommodate up to 6 passengers) but the cheaper one is for those who cannot afford the exclusive one and the price is only Rs200 with a more uncomfortable boat (can accommodate up to 16 people). So its up to you to choose any package that suit you most. But the exclusive boat will drop by for sometime at the Jag Mandir and return back while the cheaper boat will only travel across the lake without going to Jag  Mandir (Lake Palace). I would prefer the private boat because Jag Mandir is also a beautiful place to visit and from there we can take a good picture.

Lake Hotel, Oberoi Udaivilas Hotel,


We were in Udaipur when it was a Diwali Festival. Thus we planned to stay at the Sunset Point until night. I think the Sunset Point will be closed at 9.30 pm. So you can see the lake and the city from there. You must ride a cable car to go to the Sunset Point while observing the whole view of Udaipur. Then your journey in Udaipur is over just in one day. The following day you can do a shopping at the tourist site, just near the city palace and take a short trip to the nearest fort. On the last day in Udaipur, we went to Khumbalgard Fort by renting a car provided by Minerva Hotel. It was located 85 km away from Udaipur. If im not mistaken the price is around rs2500 for the car including the driver. 

Kumbhalgardh Fort

This wall is the third longest in the wall
Kumbhalgarh Fort is a Mewar fortress in the Rajsamand District of Rajasthan state in western India. It is a World Heritage Site included in Hill Forts of Rajasthan. Built during the course of the 15th century by Rana Kumbha and enlarged through the 19th century, Kumbhalgarh is also the birthplace of Maharana Pratap Singh, the great king and warrior of Mewar. Occupied until the late 19th century, the fort is now open to the public and is spectacularly lit for a few minutes each evening. Kumbalgarh is situated 82 km northwest of Udaipur by road. It is the most important fort in Mewar after Chittaurgarh.

We moved as early as 7 am and reached Kumbhalgard Fort at 9.30 am. The entry ticket is only rs100 for foreigner. Unfortunately there is no tourist guard available because we arrived there too early. Thus we just explore this abandone fort by ourself for almost 2 hours. After that we were headed back to udaipur city and two of my friends were going back to Mumbai by flight (no direct flight to Belgaum) but me and one of my friend just taking the bus. We could have shopping some souviners in Udaipur. It is quit difficult to bargain the price here but most of the time we got a cheaper price.

This fort is not so big and the surrounding is cold and so quiet.
Rasjashtan is the biggest state in India. In this trip we only visiting Jaipur and Udaipur but actually there are some interesting places we did not visit such as Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Jodhpur is known as the Blue City of India because all the building was painted with blue colour. My friend said that Jodhpur city is so dirty and there are many attractions there such as the royal palace, fort and so on. Whereas Jaisalmer is located at the Thar Desert near to the border of Pakistan. Jaisalmer is so hot as it is a desert and if you go there you can experience the camel ride on the desert. Some of my friends have been there and they said Jaisalmer is beautiful and worthful to visit. 


What is my next trip? Jaisalmer?? or maybe Hyderabad, Chennai or Kerala! I CANT WAITTTT!!!

                                                                      --The End--


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